Saturday, 6 April 2013

GSAL Video Compilation

This video compilation of a days test flying made by our friend Mike Oakley last year.

 This video complied by Mike Oakley from build images and the very first test hops to check that all the flight controls were operating correctly.

Above is one of our customers aircraft with a modified Briggs & Stratton  V-Twin four stroke which sounds very good, it puts out in the region of 35 hp @ 4300 rpm and is very frugal burning only 6 lt pr hr.

First Test of our engine installation in our engine testing rig, our engine is a modern 2 cycle produced in Canada by Compact Radial Engines, it is the MZ 201 with dual ignition and electric start, and produces 45 hp @ 4700 rpm, fuel burn is around 8 lt pr hr.  This engine has been developed from the more powerful MZ 202 which produces 60 hp @ 5800 rpm.  So our MZ 201 is very under-stressed and does not have the high pitch sound normally associated with 2-stroke engines.

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