Thursday, 25 April 2013

GSAL Kit 105 Returns to Aston Down

 Mystery truck turns up at Aston Down on Friday the 19th?

The back starts to open up and we are wondering what is inside?

We look in the back of the huge truck and guess what an Eindecker?

Steve Duckworth arrives a few minutes later, mystery solved.  We unload the Eindecker into the hangar.

We rig the aircraft ready for a general inspection and weight / balance calculations.

Steve takes his Fokker Eindecker outside for engine runs.

The cowling is removed so all the engine instillation can be observed during the first engine run, and Steve fills up the tank with fuel.

During the first engine run George monitors the T&P's.

A view of the Eindecker instrument panel.

Steve posing with his Eindecker before his first powered taxiing.

Taxiing around to bed the brakes in, and check all the controls systems.

Steve's very first taxi on grass.

Steve looking for his first kill....!!!!

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  1. Looks really cool - I want one. And the propeller looks fabulous!!