Monday, 20 August 2018

Nieuport N11 Update

N11 frontal view.
N11 side view.
N11 close up.
N11 engine detail.
N11 cockpit.
N11 detail.
N11 detail.
GSAL recently visited Roger's completed N11/16, to give it a good going over before flight testing.  These images were taken during the day in lovely sunshine.  Later we took of the cowling to inspect the engine installation and run her up.....

What a lovely sound...

Whing-Ding II Sub 70kg

UK Whing-Ding II Front View
UK Whing-Ding II Rear View
GSAL are now offering a complete plan set of the Whing-Ding II with UK upgrades. It's possible to build this aircraft to the new licence free SUB 70 kg category.

GSAL would always advise any builder to seek flight training from a professional establishment.

Price: £50 + VAT + Postage

(Online support via email)

DH2 Update

DH2 Fuselage coming together.
More DH2 progress on the fuselage.

Better view of rudder bar and gun.
Brian tries it out for size.

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

GSAL Eindecker EIII Kit Number 10

A very happy looking young man, with hours of reading, and a bottle of bubbly to celebrate the kit purchase.
On the 14th of April Matthew and his mother Anna, collected GSAL Eindecker kit number 10.  During correspondence I was asked what size of vehicle would be required, I replied the longest tubes are 12ft, so either a van or an average size car with roof rack.  They surprised me by turning up in a little Fiat Panda/roof-rack with ladder mounted on top...........we managed to get it all in and on top (rear seats had been removed) goodness knows how.  They arrived back home safely with everything in tacked.

I look forward to posting updates from Matthew's build as it progresses.

Friday, 16 March 2018

First UK DH2 Kit Update

Brian Appleby Received a bottle of bubbly as a thank you for purchasing a kit.

GSAL will be working closely with Brian to iron out any build issues that might arise from a new kit.  However, Brian hasn't wasted any time in getting started and has already completed the rudder,  stabiliser and elevator.

Brian with the Rudder and his favorite red jumper.

Stab & Elevator
GSAL has produced full size CAD drawings of these parts which has greatly helped speed up the build, and we are currently working on other CAD drawings for the kit.  We will off course keep posting images of Brian's progress.

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Dream Classic Update 2

GSAL recently visited Chris and Mike building their Dream Classic.  They're almost finished, with just fuel system, throttle cable / lever, some instruments and exhaust system to finalise before first test runs / flights.  I was very impressed by how well they had done in giving the DC a period feel, with painting of frame tubes and colour doping the fabric.  The following images were taken during the visit, which was primarily to check the aircraft weight and confirm C of G.

Looking very period.
Colour tubes, dope, and Demoiselle shape rudder work a treat.
Wing - fold detail.
Looks like a lot of fun.
Love the hat.
Period looking prop.
Rotax 447 with pull start.
Swan neck catch for quick relase when derigging.
One very period looking chap.
We look forward to a flight review in MF Magazine early in 2018.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

First UK DH2

GSAL has taken an order for a DH2 basic kit and we are very excited by the prospect that somebody will be building the Fokker Eindecker's nemesis.

In fact the DH2 is one of the aircraft GSAL had on their list of possible build projects after the Eindecker.  We would love to develop the DH2 into an advanced kit as we did for the Eindecker, and perhaps a fast build kit.  GSAL have decided to fund this project by selling the only factory built Eindecker, so if anybody is interested in a lovely WW1 replica Eindecker please contact George at the workshop on: 01285 760117,  If I don't pick up please leave a message or wait for my mobile number on the answerphone message.  We are asking £25,000 inclusive of VAT.