Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Eindecker Kit into Morane Saulnier Type G or H

If a Fokker Eindecker is not to your fancy and you'd rather have an allied replica, the GSAL kit can be modified reasonably easily to produce a Morane Type G, winner of the Schneider Cup in 1913 (float plane version) it was state of the art before WW1.  The Type H was a derivative of the successful G with a slightly reduced wingspan. 

This colour scheme is Belgian, they were also used by Britain, Sweden, Russia, and of course France.

Changes are required to the main landing gear and rudder, but the fuselage, main wing and stabilizer, are so close to the Fokker Eindecker EIII it's not worth modifying, and in any case we are not producing an exact replica.  In fact Anthony Fokker used the Type G as his basis for the  M.5 reconnaissance plane which later turned into the Eindecker EI, and that is why they are so similar.

Morane Saulnier Type H colour schemes.

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