Thursday, 11 April 2013

GSAL The Early Days

This is the GSAL team in our workshop at Aston Down Airfield, Shaun, Robin, George, Robin is holding the gun and showing his handy work at making the bullets and feed mechanism for the EIII.

Robin and Shaun working on the EIII Stabilizer Jig on our build table.

Robin assembling the Stabilizer on the Jig, produced using a full size CAD drawing which is supplied in the UK advanced kit.

Robin is very happy because all the parts are correct to the CAD drawing and fit the build jig.

Shaun is never happier than when he is riveting something together, and in this case it was the EIII fuselage sides.  The assembly jigs were made using the full size CAD drawings supplied in the UK kit.

In very little time one of the fuselage sides was completed.

Next joining both sides of the fuselage using the CAD drawings supplied, and helped by making a false chipboard firewall.

Second chipboard firewall to help keep the fuselage spacing correct.

Once we had the tail chipboard jig in position we could then start trimming fuselage cross tubes ready for drilling, these were held in place with Cleco's before riveting.

Within a week we had the Fuselage completed.

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