Friday, 19 April 2013

40 Hours in a GSAL Fokker Eindecker EIII

Mike Clark, sent us some pictures of his lovely Fokker Eindecker EIII, he has amassed almost 40 hrs in 132 sorties.  His aircraft is powered by a 50 hp Hirth F23 Engine and a Hercules propeller.

Here is a picture Mike took while flying, a nice view over the wing of the lovely Surrey countryside.


  1. ok were do I go to buy kit and or parts?

  2. It appears to be an Airdrome Aeroplanes Fokker E III Kit. The kit itself is 3/4 scale. They're based in the US and can be found at I believe a company in the UK now imports the kit as well under their own companies name, and prefabricates some of the parts that the Airdrome kit does not have pre-fabbed, such as already bending up the rudder, etc. I recall reading about this venture in Kitplanes magazine a few years back, but don't recall the name of the company.

  3. Go to top of page and click on Grass Strip Aviation, it will take you to our website, on the contact page is email and telephone number, thanks for the comment.

    Yes we had an article published in Kitplane magazine, the UK kit is based on the US version but with a larger wing and many of the parts pre-fabricated, thanks for the comment.