Saturday, 13 April 2013

LAA Article on Dave Stephens build of G-FOKR

Many of the changes that Dave mentions in the article were incorporated into the UK kit plus further weight savings, which mean that all current kits supplied are at least 2 kg lighter than the GSAL prototype.  Using the Briggs V-Twin engine (which wasn't available when we started) sets the engine further back, shortening the nose cowling allowing for the use of thinner material saving even more weight.

A short movie of Dave and his Eindecker going to visit modeling buddies at there own strip.  There are some nice close up shots of the aircraft and that lovely sounding V-Twin engine.

Here is Dave's old Fokker at its new home, he sold it last year to a syndicate of four with great regret, having lost some of his hangar space.........perhaps he'll build another one day as the Eindecker Jasta has lost a great character.

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