Friday 21 November 2014

LAA Rally 2014 Update

It's been a few months since the LAA Rally and most would have read reviews in various magazines, we've been so busy at GSAL that this is the first chance we've really had to update our Blog!

Well, what you wouldn't have read about, probably, is the range of new kits we're able to offer due to the SSDR regulation changes, which effectively removes the 115kg empty weight we've been working with in the UK.

The poster we had up at the rally showing the new kits drew a lot of attention and many people were interested in these aircraft, surprisingly the DH2 seemed to capture peoples imagination, perhaps it's the relation it has for stopping the Fokker scourge...!!!

We have customers building Eindeckers, N11, Dream Classic, and shortly a DH2, next year could been an interesting flying season for WWI replicas.

We'll be posting images and updates from these builds and other developments soon.

Happy flying.....

Sunday 24 August 2014

LAA Rally 2014, 29th - 31st August

Grass Strip Aviation Ltd, will be attending the LAA Rally again this year showing support for the rally, and if all goes to plan you'll find us on stands 12/13.  We look forward to meeting in person with those who have already inquired about various kits and anybody else that might find our aircraft of interest.  Lets hope the weather plays its part in making this a fabulous weekend.

Sunday 1 June 2014

Popham 2014 Update

It was the first time in my experience that we had good weather on both days, and attendance was high with a few camping over on Saturday evening.  G-GSAL was sporting a new Hercules propeller with a none authentic colour scheme, but everyone seemed to like it.

Saturday, Mike Clark flew in his fine example of a GSAL Fokker Eindecker for the our stand, and was there to answer questions for any potential builders.


Mike's aircraft is powered by a 50 hp Hirth F23 with belt reduction drive, it also has a Hercules Propeller, which is the only type that GSAL recommend.  At the end of the day Mike performed a few flypasts before setting of for home, we managed to capture a very short clip on the mobile phone.  Many thanks to Mike for his support.

GSAL, invited Hercules Propellers, proprietor, Rupert Wasey to our stand for the weekend.  Rupert flew in his award winning Flitzer biplane while we carried his lovely Bell tent by road.  We had invited Rupert to get a feel for the Microlight scene, promote his products and provide technical expertise on propellers.

On Sunday Steve Duckworth flew in his lovely GSAL Fokker Eindecker for our stand, his aircraft was featured in the September 2013 MF magazine, and has the same MZ201 / Hercules Propeller combination as G-GSAL (prototype).  Steve was also on hand to answer questions about the build process.

Preparing to leave for home, Many thanks to Steve for his support.

GSAL also had the prototype MDS 30 V-Twin on the stand, sporting a Hercules Propeller on loan for the show, many thanks to Rupert Wasey for his support.

We are currently working on the development of the V-Twin and should be posting updates shortly once we have some solid performance data.

It was a very good weekend with many traders showing new or updated products, and there was certainly a feel that the good days are coming back, lets hope so..!!

Wednesday 30 April 2014

Popham Microlight Trade Show 2014

GSAL will be at Popham Microlight Trade Show from the 3 - 4th of May, come and see our Fokker Eindecker replica, and find out about the aircraft kits available under the new SSDR rules. 

Yes the first microlight show of the year and the one we all look forward too, whatever the weather it's a great event to see new products in microlight aviation with many traders presenting their wares.

See you there...!!!

Sunday 2 March 2014

Dream Classic Kit Delivery

The GSAL team deliver Dream Classic kit GS-201 to Mike & Chris, here we see them checking through the inventory as we bring in the kit.

Chris signs the relevant paperwork, you can see the glee on Mikes face, he can't wait to get started on their new project.

Mike finishes the handover process with his signature and the Dream Classic kit is theirs. 

As a thank you for purchasing one of our kits, the GSAL team present Mike & Chris with a bottle of Champagne to drink after the maiden flight.

We will be monitoring their build closely and posting images on the blog, GSAL have designed a wing-fold system for the Dream Classic, which will also be a standard feature on our upcoming Dream Demoiselle.