Friday 27 February 2015

Nieuport N11

Roger Peirce collected his Nieuport N11 kit at the end of August 2014, seen here with Robin Morton in the GSAL workshop.  Since this photo was taken Roger has been doing a fantastic job of building the aircraft to a great standard and in a very fast time, it just goes to show how fast this build system is compared to traditional wood or welded steel tube.  The following images will give a flavour of Rogers build and quality of work, the pop riveted system is truly a fast and efficient build system. 

First job was the rudder, this takes the builder through most processes required in building the airframe.

Second job elevator and stab, once completed you will have built up the confidence to continue onto the fuselage.

Below you can see one side of the fuselage being laid out on a drawing scaled up on the building table from the A4 drawing pack (only the Eindecker is currently supplied with full size CAD drawings).  In the second image you can see the other fuselage components laid out before trimming and fitting

In no time you will have built up the main fuselage ready for the control system and the wings.

Below are some nice shots of the fuselage, once this stage has been reached you can fit the tail feathers and make any adjustments required.

Below are images of the lower wings spars being laid out, assembled and trial fitted to the fuselage.

GSAL will post further updates on the N11 build as we get them.