Saturday 19 March 2016

LAA Rally 2015

We had fairly good weather for the LAA Rally in September last year and the turnout in visiting aircraft, and those coming by road was excellent.  GSAL of course had the Eindecker on display, but we also had Roger Peirce's N11 on show in the builders marquee.

Roger Peirce's N11 attracted a lot of attention and many people came to speak with us about it, and other kits we are able to supply.  Most people were just staggered at how fantastic the N11 looked and that being 7/8 th scale it could meet the latest SSDR rules, we assured them it could as can many other AA kits GSAL market.

This sequence of images shows what a fantastic job Roger has made of the N11 kit, and all this in around 12 months.  During the rally we discussed engine options for the aircraft, and we narrowed it down to three, HKS, Verner 3 cylinder radial, or large V-Twin industrial engine with reduction drive, the latter was favorite on price.