Monday 20 August 2018

Nieuport N11 Update

N11 frontal view.
N11 side view.
N11 close up.
N11 engine detail.
N11 cockpit.
N11 detail.
N11 detail.
GSAL recently visited Roger's completed N11/16, to give it a good going over before flight testing.  These images were taken during the day in lovely sunshine.  Later we took of the cowling to inspect the engine installation and run her up.....

What a lovely sound...

Whing-Ding II Sub 70kg

UK Whing-Ding II Front View
UK Whing-Ding II Rear View
GSAL are now offering a complete plan set of the Whing-Ding II with UK upgrades. It's possible to build this aircraft to the new licence free SUB 70 kg category.

GSAL would always advise any builder to seek flight training from a professional establishment.

Price: £50 + VAT + Postage

(Online support via email)

DH2 Update

DH2 Fuselage coming together.
More DH2 progress on the fuselage.

Better view of rudder bar and gun.
Brian tries it out for size.