Sunday 14 May 2017

Fokker Summer

Towards the end of summer 2016 we had a perfect weekend of flying weather locally, and the availability of all the GSAL team to enjoy it.  We took the GSAL Eindecker up to the strip for some fun, and we all got to enjoy running, taxiing, and flying her over Saturday and Sunday.  We had to do some light maintenance work replacing a couple of fuel lines before running her up and pre-flighting.  The following images were taken over the weekend and show how nice it was, we even had a visiting aircraft.

Fitting the all important machine gun, after all the Eindecker was the first aircraft with an interrupter gear, and the first true fighter that used the airframe as a gun platform (point the aircraft towards the target and shoot).
Shaun (above) was the first to run up the Eindecker, and that's when we found the fuel leak through a perished fuel line, it was a quick and easy job to sort out as GSAL's Eindecker has been designed with many access panels for servicing.  (Below was the visiting aircraft)
Then it was the turn of Robin Morton, GSAL's most experienced Fokker Eindecker pilot.
Then Ricky the Rockstar had a go.
A very happy and pleased Rick, unfortunately everybody was having such fun they forgot to take pictures of me....never mind maybe next time.  Over the weekend the GSAL team talked about another build project since the Eindecker has been around for a few years now.  We felt it would be necessary to sell the GSAL Eindecker to fund the project, although we would be extremely sad to see her go.  So if anybody out there fancy owning a Fokker Eindecker, but doesn't fancy building, contact us.