Saturday 6 October 2018

Dream Classic Update 3

DC with Thruster fuel tank in front to help C of G.
On Monday the 24th of September GSAL visited Chris and Mike to check their completed aircraft, and inspect the wing fold mechanism.  Most Dream Classic's have the Rotax 503 or Hirth equivalent fitted which are about 6kg heavier than the Rotax 447 Chris and Mike have fitted.  Also the larger heavier Demoiselle type rudder has moved weight aft, so mounting the fuel tank in front instead of to the side has balanced this out, and the C of G is now in the correct position.

Chris and Mike demonstrated how they folded the wings.

Mike explained how he was making a saddle to support the wings for transport, with further fixed supports on the trailer not yet completed.  They are just about ready to start flight testing at the end of October.

GSAL will post any test flight details as they arrive, and I must say we can't wait..!!