Saturday, 19 November 2016

Dream Classic Update

In March 214, GSAL delivered a Dream Classic kit to Mike and Chris in Wiltshire and although we had been in touch regularly over the telephone and a few meetings at the GSAL headquarters, we thought it was time to go down and see the progress.

This was always going to be a slow burning project as both Mike and Chris are retired and they had always intended to build the kit in their spare time.

I'd popped down a couple of times to sort out bolt lengths as GSAL had made design changes to simplify building the kit and also a wing-fold mechanism.  Each time I visited them they seemed to have made some progress and I took the pictures below.

The next time I visited Mike and Chris they had completed the wings and tail feathers, Chris had made changes to the rudder so it looked very much like a Demoiselle's.

After the second visit things went quiet until we got a call about the stitching used for the fabric covering, so we arranged to drive down and check out the progress in June this year, and the following images show good progress and that they were indeed ready for the fabric covering.

I saw Mike and Chris at the LAA Rally in September, they confirmed that the covering had been completed and were working on the engine installation which is a Rotax 447, it should be finished soon!!!!

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