Monday, 2 September 2013

SSDR Rule Change Proposed by CAA

This years LAA Rally was a great success and the weather was good throughout the whole weekend.  GSAL had a very good show and the new engine created lots of interest.  However, the most exciting news of the weekend was announced on Friday by the CAA, they are proposing a change to the SSDR ruling and deregulate all Single Seat Microlights

Providing there are no serious objections over the next six weeks of consultation the SSDR empty weight wing loading of 10 kg per sq m will be replaced with a maximum wing loading of 25 kg per sq m.  For GSAL this means we will be able to market more of the AA kits, such as the 80% Airco DH-2, 75% Fokker DVI, 75% Fokker DR-1, 75% Bleriot XI, 75% Morane parasol, just to name a few.

The link to the CAA website:

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